Facility Features

  • Our facility is specially ventilated for air flow
  • Daily maintenance carried out
  • All flooring is painted,carpeted,sealed
  • Each unit is cleaned & pest controlled before move in
  • External concrete sealed
  • Courtesy Phones throughout
  • Latest computer technology
  • Individual Unit lighting available
  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • Unit shelving is also available


Top Class benefits

Special Ventilation for Air Flow
Our facility is specially designed with full insulation and ventilation throughout to provide that all important Air Flow Circulation which helps maintain a stable temperature all year.

No Dampness, No Mould and No Mildew
This means No Dampness, No Mould and No Mildew, so you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing your goods will be DRY & CLEAN when you store with us. 

All Flooring Covered
All flooring is totally covered. Depending on where your unit is located the flooring is either carpeted or sealed.

Courtesy Phones Throughout
To help our clients we have installed courtesy phones thoughout our facility. As our facility is very large clients have praised this extra benefit to be able to contact the office with ease.

Unit Shelving and Lighting
Some clients have special needs in regards to their unit layout etc. We are pleased to assist in this area. If required we can install shelving and lighting to your unit. If you require one of the two please let your manager know at time of booking. Charges may apply.