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Keep Your Seasonal Supplies Safe with Reliable Self Storage near Manly

Whether it’s Christmas decorations or event supplies, you can count on our storage near Manly to help you keep seasonal supplies safe and organised. Capalaba Complete Self Storage provides solutions for businesses, contractors, and other professionals that make it easy to access what you need when you need it. Maximise your office or workshop space when you use our business storage service.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Storage Units in Manly

Many business owners and contractors overlook the possibility of using storage to help their businesses. Another common error is to stuff everything into a tight space without regard to organisation. We offer several solutions that address these mistakes:

  • Rent a unit that’s sized to your needs. We recommend selecting one that provides enough space not only to store your documents and supplies but also gives you enough space to move around and access what you need without a struggle.
  • Include shelving units in your storage unit to make it easier to organise your supplies. Many successful businesses take the time to label these shelves so that each item has its place. These simple steps can drastically reduce the hassle of pulling what you need from storage.
  • Store documents and other long term items that you need to retain but don’t access daily. Such items also include seasonal decorations or event supplies that you need to bring to conferences

What Sets Us Apart – Capalaba Complete Self Storage – Self Storage near Manly

We’re not just a place that has some empty rooms you can borrow for your items. Our approach to business is informed by a strong family-based philosophy that reflects our small business origins.

  • Each customer gets our personal attention. As a family business, we know that who we are is closely tied to what we do, and our reputation depends on providing high-quality services.
  • We provide additional services such as packaging supplies, insurance, and a helpful space estimator to ensure that you get enough storage for everything you’d like to tuck away.

Despite offering several additional services, we don’t cut back on the quality of our approach to your storage needs. We remain focused on giving businesses in Manly storage that they can rely on for years to come.

Why Capalaba Complete Self Storage Is Cost-Effective

As a small business, we can keep our costs low. Owner-operator businesses don’t need to worry about extensive payroll sheets that drive up prices. Instead, we offer a simple service at a reasonable price. Contact us today to get a complimentary estimation of how much space you’ll need and learn how we can simplify your business’s storage needs for a minimal cost.

We are a local family business and since 2000 we’ve been offering value for money quality storage with great friendly service.

Call us today! Ph: 3823 1000

Special Discount Offer

If you haven’t used Complete Self Storage before we want you to have a $20 Gift Voucher for Storage.



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All you need to do is bring your $20 Gift Voucher with you when you come down to book your storage.

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Boxes and Packaging Supplies

Capalaba Complete Self Storage - Tape dispenser

We have all sorts of boxes and packaging materials to help you store your belongings safely and securely.