Complete Self Storage Offers Both Boxes and Packaging Supplies

Complete Self Storage stocks a large variety of boxes and packaging supplies. Whether you are moving house or taking advantage of our self-storage facility for items that cannot fit in your home, our moving boxes and packing supplies will help to organise your items as well as protect them from damage and the elements./p>

Tips Regarding Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Moving house can be a stressful time between packing the boxes, keeping them organised, and the million other little things that seem to crop up along the way. Our packaging store has the supplies to help reduce that stress. Here are some tips focused on packaging supplies that can make your move easier:

  • Organisation is key to a smooth and stress-free move. Always label your boxes with their contents in a method that will survive the move. We offer several different markers to make the labelling process easier.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap can be used to protect your more fragile items from any bumps along the road. In addition to proper packing material available at our store, label each box with one of our fragile stickers, so the movers know to treat them with extra care.
  • Don’t forget about the tape. Properly securing your boxes will further prevent damage from the move. Our packing tape dispenser is the perfect tool for the job and one you will likely find a lot of use for in your new home as well.

What Sets Complete Self Storage Apart Regarding Packing Supplies

As a storage company, we have discovered that proper packing supplies make a huge difference in the efficiency of our clients use of the space they rent from us. Our packaging store includes boxes and supplies to make storage a breeze and protect the important memories tied to our client’s possessions. Our storage experience sets us apart in the following ways:

  • Because many of our clients come to us for storage solutions when they are in the process of moving house, we have gained a lot of experience in the process. We can provide a moving checklist and help you organise your removals, packaging, and storing.
  • Our selection of moving boxes moves well beyond just small, medium, and large. We have boxes designed to carry important documents, the contents of your wine cellar or clothes from your wardrobe.
  • You never have to worry about buying too many boxes from our packaging store. We offer a box buy-back option. If the box is unused and undamaged, we will purchase it at the same price you bought it.

About Compete Self Storage

Our family founded the company to offer secure storage solutions for an affordable price. Our units are individually alarmed for increased security. To make storage easier for our clients we began to provide packing supplies and moving boxes. If you need storage or want to protect your valuable possessions with our packing supplies, contact us today.


Packing Supplies

We have a full range of quality packaging supplies available at a competitive price for you at our facility.
These include Assorted Boxes, Wrapping Paper and Stretch Wraps, Tapes, Marking Pens, Cardboard, Packing Paper, Mattress Covers, Supplies.

You can buy them in our online shop


Or for LOCAL PICK UP visit us at:

Capalaba Complete Self Storage, 81 Redland Bay Road

Box Buy Back Option

If you need boxes you don’t need to worry if you buy too many as we have a Box Buy Back Option.

We’ll buy Complete Self Storage New Boxes back at the new box price if they are unused and undamaged. We will also buy back some of the Capalaba Complete Self Storage used boxes provided they are undamaged, reusable, tape sliced with knife, only writing being on the tape and folded flat. (Conditions apply, including to be brought back within 3 months of purchase date).

Picture / Mirror Box

Large Box

Large Box

Lampshade box

Lampshade Box

Medium Box

Medium Box

Archive Box

Archive Box

port a robe box

Port-a-Robe Box

Long Box

Long Box

s m l misc box

S, M, L Misc Boxes




Misc Packaging Supplies

Archive Boxes
Book, Wine & Crockery
Tea Chest Boxes
Porta Robe Boxes
Picture/Mirror Boxes
Golf Bag Carton
Kitchen Boxes
Wine Cartons
3 Seater cover
Dining cover
King Mattress cover
Lounge chair cover
Queen Mattress cover
Single Mattress cover
Storage Saver Bags
Zip Carry Bag sets
Vacuum Seal Bags
Brown Tape
Economy Tape
Fragile Tape
Top Load Tape
Packing Knife
Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser
Economy Tape Dispenser

Bubble Wrap rolls
Bubble Wrap per metre
Packing Paper
Acid Free paper
Corrugated Cardboard
Furniture Blankets
Shredded Paper
Stretch Wrap Black
Stretch Wrap Clear

38/40mm padlocks
High Security Barrel Locks



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