With One Phone Call To Us.. We Can Organise Your Removals, Packaging and Storage

At Capalaba Complete Storage we will help you to organise a reliable removalist to make your moving and storage experience an enjoyable one, or you might want to get some friends together and hire a pantec truck, we have some local recommendations for you.
The Moving Checklist is a basic guide to give you some ideas when planning your move.
To finish off, all that's left is to do is come in to us and complete the simple storage agreement process and lock your roller door.

Sound Easy... that’s because it is, we take care of everything for you. Please call one of our friendly team today to book your unit and if you have any queries don’t hesitate to ask.


         6 WEEKS TO GO

  • Start a central file for your move documents
  • Is the moving company booked?
  • Create a floor plan of your new home (if known),
    and plan the placement of furniture
  • Arrange for disposal of garden chemicals, paint,
    fuel etc
  • Travelling – have you arranged passport, visas,
    money, accommodation, flights?
  • Arrange to have your mail held or redirected
  • Notify school, day care of transfers etc
  • Insurance – transit, home and contents transfer
  • Check inventory list, cross off everything you
    don’t absolutely need and dispose of these
  • Newspapers and other subscriptions should be
    cancelled or redirected 



  • If you planned to do some packing yourself, start
  • If you need cartons and packaging material, collect
    and pay at Capalaba Complete Self Storage
  • Label every carton by content and room
  • Return any borrowed items, library books and DVDs.
  • Check the garden, garage, shed and under the house
  • Arrange for pet vaccinations if required
  • If your car is being moved have it checked
  • Arrange to transfer your bank accounts 


    1 WEEK TO GO

  • Establish cut off dates for electricity, gas and phone
  • Make a list of your requirements on moving day
  • If you are transporting your car check arrangements
  • Check on pet arrangements and bookings
  • Arrange for pets to be moved the day before the
    moving date
  • Drain fuel from lawn mower, empty gas bottles
  • Arrange to clean carpets

         2 DAYS TO GO

  • Pack luggage, those items you will need
    immediately after your move
  • Will you need to arrange special parking
    or access for your removalist to your home?
  • Collect dry cleaning
  • Do the laundry
  • Dispose of remaining chemicals, garbage,
    and flammables
  • Pack the items the removalist will not be
  • Make a list of things you want the mover to
    pack last and unpack first
  •  Do you have packing boxes, paper, bubble
    wrap, tape etc. Come and see us. 

    1 DAY TO GO

  • Have your items professionally wrapped today
  • Separate the items you have packed and will be
    taking with you
  • Leave a forwarding address and phone number
    for your new home
  • Defrost your fridge, clean it out and dry it
  • Eat or dispose of any food remaining in kitchen
  • If your house will be vacant for a while notify



  • Pack yourself a survival kit:- clothing, personal
    items, travel docs, tickets, first aid kit, money,
    and don’t forget kids and pets
  • Collect all house keys, ensure electricity and gas
    is disconnected
  • Tighten all taps
  • If renting, leave keys with real estate/landlord
  • As the truck is being loaded, walk around the house,
    garden, garage and shed from time to time and check
    check check
  • Don’t forget to read through and sign inventory list
    before leaving
  • Turn off power to the house
  • Lock house securely
  • Turn off hot water system