Business Space

  • Document and Archive storage
  • Small Business Storage
  • Use as a base for stock and materials
  • Use as a base for props
  • Risks minimised
  • Reduced Fire Risk
  • High Security Area
  • Frees up Extra Office Space
  • Destruction services
  • No Office Mess
  • Lighting & Shelving available *
  • Easy Access


Document storage

At Complete Storage we provide you with the extra office space you always seem to be running out of. Perhaps your business records are lying on your floor, or your important client files are lining the hallways.

Worse still, have you already recognised the benefits of off-site storage but aren't getting a safe, secure and clean environment you were promised?
Storing your documents with us makes good business sense, with office space becoming increasingly expensive, clients becoming more demanding and the increasing risk associated with storing your important records on-site.

Complete Storage offers you peace-of-mind with the knowledge you have minimised your risk exposure and increased your efficiency by storing your important documents with us, a professional storage facility.


Small Business Storage

We have many small businesses utilising a safe and secure storage unit including:
Stock and Materials
Props for events
Party hire and even Casino Theme Party Hire
Electricians and Solar professionals 
Concreting Professionals
Retail Sports Stock
Household Appliance Retailers 
Roofing Professionals
Security and Communications Technicians
Household and Commercial Door Installers
Mowing Contractors
Medical and Healthcare Sales Representatives
Real Estate Agents
School and Athletic Footware Stock

..... and we also support many charities and not for profit organisations