Complete Self Storage Also Provides Boxes for Moving

Compete Self Storage is well known as a family-owned company offering affordable storage solutions, but we also operate a packaging shop with boxes for moving. Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time, and part of that includes finding enough packing boxes for all your possessions, especially large ones. We are here to help with a full line of boxes and other packing materials and accessories at the competitive prices you have come to expect with our storage units.

Problems Large Packing Boxes for Moving from Complete Self Storage Address

When moving house, one of the concerns at the top of most people’s thoughts is ensuring that their possessions make the move without being damaged. Whether they are conventionally valuable or have greater sentimental value, the last thing you want is to damage or lose them in the move. Because your possessions are not always small, large packing boxed are sometimes a necessity. Here is how our large boxes for moving can help:

  • A lot of movers scrounge cardboard boxes to pack their items in from grocery stores or paper boxes from work. For larger items, this can be difficult as big boxes are harder to come by this way.
  • Even if you can find large boxes this way, they are often made from flimsy cardboard and in sizes that don’t fit the items you need to move. Our boxes are designed for storage with areas to mark the contents of the box and the durability to handle the move.
  • We understand that sometimes you can purchase more boxes than you need—which is why we offer a box buy-back option. We will buy back any of the boxes we sell you at the new box price as long as they are unused and undamaged.

The Importance of Moving House Packing Materials

When you are moving house, the use of the right packing materials can prevent damage to your items when on the road as well as help you keep them organised. Unpacking at your new home will be a breeze when you can know at a glance what each of the boxes holds. The following are a few of the ways our packing material can make moving house much easier:

  • In addition to selling small, medium, and large boxes, our line also includes boxes specifically designed for specific items. The Port-a-Robe, for example, can be used to store clothing items hung in a closet. It even consists of a rail to keep them hanging on their hangers.
  • To protect your more fragile items, we have packing paper and bubble wrap. For furniture, we can provide plastic covers and bags to keep them safe from the elements.
  • Our packing accessories include everything from fragile item stickers to a variety of tapes to secure your boxes, making us your one-stop-shop for moving materials.

Why Customers Should Use Complete Self Storage

Being a family-owned storage company, we’ve learned a lot about packing items to move house. Many of our storage clients first came to us when they moved house which is one of the reasons we started our packaging store to make the process easier. Contact us today if you are interested in the packing materials for moving house that we can provide or to learn more about our storage solutions for any items that can’t make the move.