What is self storage and how does it work?

Why do I need my own Padlock?

How much does it cost to store things in a unit?

What is included in the price - are there any hidden extras?

Do I pay weekly?

Do you offer discounts?

How can I pay for my storage?

How often can I have access to my unit? Does it cost for access?

Do I have to book a unit?

Can I move in today?

What are your opening hours?

Are there any limitations on access?

Do I have to sign an agreement?

How do I get my goods to you?

Do you do removals or trailer hire?

What is the smallest unit you have?

Can I transfer to another unit?

How high are the units?

Are the storage units ventilated?

What sort of security do you have?

What is the minimum time I can store with you?

How long can I stay?

Do I have to give notice to leave?

What can I store?

Do you sell boxes and packaging materials?

Will you accept deliveries?

Do you have trollies to use?

Who do I contact for help?

Where is Capalaba Complete Self Storage

Can I have shelving in my unit?

Do the units have lighting?